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Research Interests: Museum anthropology; material and visual culture; anthropology of art and religion; indigenous peoples of North America; the American Southwest; NAGPRA and repatriation; indigenous rights, sovereignty, and representation; the politics of museums, representation, and display; collaborative collections and exhibitions; history of museums and anthropology; North American archaeological looting and legislation

Lillia McEnaney is a student, emerging anthropologist, and aspiring museum practitioner. With an overarching focus on the American Southwest, her research centers on museum anthropology, the anthropology of indigenous art and religion, and visual and material culture. Lillia is currently a M.A. Candidate in Museum Studies at New York University, and is a recent cum laude graduate of Hamilton College, with departmental honors in Archaeology and Religious Studies

At NYU, she is a Research Assistant for the Shadow Lines Project with the Departments of Anthropology and Museum Studies and a Gallery Attendant at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World. She has also been the Museum Anthropology Blog Intern for the Council for Museum Anthropology, a branch of the American Anthropological Association, since 2014, and currently volunteers at the City Reliquary Museum

Previously, Lillia has worked with various museums, non-profits, and cultural institutions across the United States, published in academic journals and online platforms, and presented at international conferences. She has worked as a research assistant at Hamilton College, Bard Graduate Center, and NYU, as a teaching assistant at Hamilton College, and completed computational photography training with Queens University in Stobi, Macedonia and with Cultural Heritage Imaging at Yale University.

Originally from Newtown, Connecticut, Lillia has lived and studied in upstate New York, London, and Edinburgh. She currently lives in Brooklyn.